Anchorage Practical Shooters


 We are Anchorage Practical Shooters. We are a non-profit corporation and USPSA affiliated club
that holds practical shooting matches on the 1st weekend of the month on Satuaday or Sunday
at Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park or Matanuska Valley Sportsman's Range.
We also hold IDPA match on the 1st weekend of the month on Saturday or Sunday
and the 3rd Sunday of the at Matanuska Valley Sportsman's Range year round.


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Tired of just punching holes in paper.  Come to a ANPRACS USPSA/ IDPA match and have some REAL FUN!
All divisions are welcome, and if you've have a handgun, and it's 9mm or larger, there's a division for you.

If the first thing you think about when hearing USPSA (IPSC) is expensive race guns, forget about it.
Stock gun in Production and Limited 10 Divisions are gaining popularity and all stages are set up for
guns with 8-10 round capacity.

Worried you're not "good enough"? Who cares? Different classes insure you're shooting against folks
with a similar skill level. All we really care about is that you're safe and have fun.

Don't know what you need?  Any handgun 9mm or larger, holster that cover the trigger, magazines or speed loaders
to complete a Thirty two round stage, magazine or speed loader pouches and 150+ rounds of ammo and eye & hearing
protection. We encourage new shooters and will gladly assist in any way possible.

The most important thing is to shoot safe and have fun.


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What is IPSC

Getting Starting And Equipment

USPSA / IPSC Rule Book


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